Cartel land shipments of cocaine via Central America skyrocket

Stratfor reports:

In over the past year or two, land-based shipments of cocaine through Central America to Mexico appears to have skyrocketed, e.g. an estimated 300 to 400 tons per year through Guatemala alone.  Apparently drug trafficking organizations have increasingly come to rely upon land shipment routes as surrounding countries have stepped up their efforts at monitoring, etc. air and sea routes.

Notwithstanding the difficulty associated with estimating drug flows, it is clear that Central America has evolved into a significant transshipment route for drugs, and that the changes have taken place rapidly. These developments warrant a closer look at the mechanics of the drug trade in the region, the actors involved, and the implications for Central American governments — for whom drug-trafficking organizations represent a much more daunting threat than they do for Mexico.

H/T: The Rhetorican


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